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Terms of service

Le client dénommé "Représentant Indépendant" doit être conscient que:

     * Le montant de l'inscription de son bureau virtuel n'est pas remboursable, et l'annulation de l’inscription est irréversible sous aucun prétexte.

     * Ses revenus dépendent de ses qualités et de ses efforts personnels (Résultat de son propre bureau virtuel).

     * Les frais annuel de son bureau virtuel sont obligatoires chaque année.

Le Représentant Indépendant  s’engage, lors de ses parrainages, à communiquer des informations exactes et réelles aux prospects.

OPESCOM n’assume aucune responsabilité de toutes informations incorrectes fournies par le Représentant Indépendant.

L’inscription à OPESCOM vaut acceptation formelle des conditions générales de vente sans exception ni réserve.



I. OPESCOM Presentation

OPESCOM purpose is to sell products and services online through network marketing.


II . Acceptance of the rules and conditions of use

These general conditions of sale constitute a contract between OPESCOM and its customer.

In the event that OPESCOM provides you or makes available on its website a translation of this Agreement French version, you agree that the translation is provided for informational purposes only and that only the French version of this Agreement governs the contractual relationship between you and OPESCOM.

Assumed that the French version of this Agreement and its translations are contradictory and in any dispute, only the French version has priority and is authentic. Any use of services provided by OPESCOM requires the client to accept and abide by these rules and use conditions.

OPESCOM provides customer its website where it offers a wide range of products and services. This website aiming to allow the customer to get some information about the products and services offered by OPESCOM.

The official website use www.opes requires registration, namely by creating an account on this site as well as providing information indicated in the registration form which permits the identification of the user.

OPESCOM reserves the right to make any checks it deems necessary in all its fields.

The customer agrees to provide true, accurate and complete information. This information must be updated regularly. To access to some additional or personal services, you will be obliged to provide OPESCOM with more information about you.

OPESCOM is not responsible for any incorrect information provided by the client.

Registration in OPESCOM is deemed as a formal acceptance of these terms and conditions without exception or reservation.


III. Copyrights

The contents of this website including all text, graphics, images, logos, and compilation of items are the intellectual property of OPESCOM.


IV. Sales procedures

Products sales and services are based on a system of sponsorship paid by sales commissions on a scale defined by OPESCOM and it reserves the right to adjust upwards or downwards. Any customer can be considered as an IR (Independent Representative) upon his registration in OPESCOM site. However, he will benefit from its advantages once he has reached the threshold of buying a number of products in the selected category. Once the first cart purchased, he can then transfer his balance to bonus points in accordance with the scale fixed by OPESCOM.

Customers confirmed orders will be conditioned by deadlines set by OPESCOM.

The ordering date is defined by OPESCOM who preserve any right to change this date.

Product or service delivery will be executed within 14 to 30 days from the date of confirmation of the order and payment acceptance by OPESCOM.

For customized products and services requiring a period of production or performance, OPESCOM sets, as appropriate, delivery times.


V. Compensation Procedures

Each client can benefit from the compensation system adopted by OPESCOM. This system is based on the following conditions:

   Registration in one of the categories proposed by either Cash or Easy OPESCOM

       Cash Register

      • Payment of annual registration fee

      • Purchase of a product cart in one of the categories chosen by the IR whose minimum and maximum amount of the basket is set by OPESCOM.

      • Account activation through direct sponsorship of at least two downline to be placed to the right and a left and not on the same side of the virtual agency. These two downline for  activation, whatever their position in the tree, does not achieve balance.

      • Unlocking the account: Achieving a balance of points minimum set by OPESCOM for the category chosen by IR


       Registration with ease

      • Payment of annual registration fee and membership product "MSP", a bonus will be paid in the virtual account balance which will be added to the remaining purchase installments.

      • Account activation through direct sponsorship of at least two downline to be placed to the right and a left and not on the same side of the virtual agency. These two downline for activation, whatever their position in the tree, does not   achieve  balance.

      • Purchase of a product basket in one of the categories chosen by the IR whose minimum and maximum amount of the cart is set by OPESCOM.


     Once these conditions are met, points earned can be converted into virtual currency OPESCOM. The points conversion date is stopped by OPESCOM


·      Failing to activate the account and at the expiration of two week (ie, the proportion of registration week and the week following , the points made ​​will not be counted . Resumption of recognition points will place after the activation  of the account.


·      The registration fee covers the cost of account and the cost of renting workspace or virtual agency . These charges are renewable annually on actual payment made by the RI will be notified by email one month before the expiry of the deadline.

Once the deadline has passed, OPESCOM grants to RI 15 days to regularize the situation of his account, otherwise OPESCOM reserves the right to terminate the contract without incurring any obligation to RI and thus disable his  account. RI and can no longer any reason to request a refund



VI . Price and conditions of purchase

The Customer agrees unequivocally prices of products and services presented by OPESCOM on its official website.

The Customer agrees unequivocally that no contract is available between him and OPESCOM after purchase.

The customer assumes full responsibility for the selection of the product and / or service.

The customer is solely responsible for any loss or delay encountered due to inaccurate information and / or erroneous it has provided in his order.

OPESCOM does not guarantee the products provided by suppliers in case of willful damage , accident, negligence by the client, use other than recommended by OPESCOM , or any alteration or repair by the customer.


VII . termination

In case of breach of any of the essential obligations arising from the present contract, OPESCOM be entitled without prior notice and with immediate effect to deactivate the account RI which automatically result in the permanent inaccessibility to all content and the irrevocable termination his account.

RI may terminate his account by purchasing a product, it must notify OPESCOM by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt indicating the object and specifying the product chosen letter.

RI wishing to terminate his account must have passed within 6 months from the date of registration and will no longer be able to claim the commissions earned.

Upon acceptance of the request for termination by OPESCOM , the RI must pay the difference in price plus the costs of rental agency if necessary.


VIII . Changing services and contract

OPESCOM has the right at any time with or without notice RI change working hours , to prevent access to the site to make repairs or adjustments or due to circumstances beyond the control and can add , delete products and services as well as modify the corresponding price.

OPESCOM reserves the right to modify these rules and conditions of use at any time and without notice.


IX . Obligations of Independent Representative

RI agrees not to access the OPESCOM services by any means other than the interface provided by OPESCOM .

RI agrees not to access the OPESCOM services by automated means whatsoever , such as the use of scripts or web exploration systems.

RI committed during his sponsorship to provide accurate information and real prospects to otherwise take the time to check ambiguous information from OPESCOM .

RI accept unequivocally the risk of losing as winning .

RI accepts unequivocally that all documents provided by OPESCOM will not be held in any case as evidence .

RI agrees to be solely responsible ( and recognizes that OPESCOM has no responsibility towards you or any third party ) for any breach of its obligations as defined by the conditions and consequences that such a breach could have (including loss or damage suffered by OPESCOM ) .

RI must forgive Company officials OPESCOM in cases of force majeure, total or partial disruption of communications , flood , fire , natural disaster and for events occurring in the country including events , riots or others.

RI must be honest, clear and fair in all dealings with OPESCOM .

Whatever the condition RI should certainly not :

  • Take advantage of the weaknesses of a person such as insufficient language proficiency , age , disease, low intelligence , disability ...
  • Strongly advocate for the customer product order or any other means.
  • If any other business they record online sales offering the sponsorship system regardless of its shape and any person not complying with the rules will block their account automatically and without notice . (The affirmation is in photo, video, oral statement of a line up , oral statement of any other IR join the new company ... )


X. Security IDs and passwords

OPESCOM assumes no responsibility in all cases of omission of personal data of RI because they only allow OPESCOM renew your password if you forget it .

The OPESCOM account is strictly personal , you agree not to share or sell it to anyone . This is an essential requirement of this contract.

If deactivation of your account by OPESCOM for your breach of this contract , you risk permanent loss of all your stored on your account OPESCOM content.

You are fully responsible for:

  • Of the total confidentiality of your password and your username
  • Actions that are performed under your account and / or password .
  • If you open your account on a public computer , be sure to close it when you leave the computer .
  • Never give out your password and your username to anyone .
  • You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of your password associated with the account you use to access the OPESCOM services
  • You agree to be solely responsible for all activities OPESCOM whatsoever , occurring under your account
  • You agree to immediately notify OPESCOM unauthorized and / or fraudulent use of your password or of your account to use our mail address : [email protected]



  • That this contract applies only to OPESCOM services and has no control over the different sites and extras contained on the official website of OPESCOM
  • OPESCOM is not responsible for any damage whether private or on site or on the income or failure to use or else ...
  • OPESCOM will be no obligation to give you commissions in any case
  • You agree that if your application OPESCOM valid commission , the maximum amount of the fee does not exceed the weekly limit set by OPESCOM for each category
  • You agree that from the date of posting of these Terms and Conditions , you may not create OPESCOM opposite sides with respect to the axis tracking sponsor accounts (in cross -line) , or more than two successive counts on the same line .
  • The information contained in this website can not be used as a guide
  • We can not be held responsible for any errors and / or omission and / or misrepresentation , and / or misrepresentation of information provided by suppliers
  • You agree that your two referrals activation are not counted as points balance.
  • We have no guarantees of income or future earnings. We can not be held responsible and will not accept any responsibility or liability for any alteration from the trust you place on such statements made ​​by others.
  • OPESCOM has no responsibility and / or warranties to you after purchasing products
  • We have and will have no liability for any representation or misrepresentation of speech RI or customers
  • OPESCOM is not responsible for the use and / or misuse of the products from you. You will be responsible for ensuring that the products are used in accordance
  • We will not be required as well as suppliers to the free delivery of products to you.


XII . Possibility of sponsoring

  • OPESCOM allows you to access and use services , in return , you authorize OPESCOM place such advertising sponsorship services
  • The manner, mode and extent of sponsorship issued by OPESCOM services are subject to change without notice
  • Services may include hyperlinks to other web sites or content or other resources.
  • OPESCOM does not control the sites and resources provided by companies or third parties
  • You acknowledge qu'OPESCOM therefore can not be held responsible for the availability of external sites or resources , and does not endorse qu'OPESCOM the content of other sites
  • You acknowledge and agree qu'OPESCOM can not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the availability of external sites or resources , or your confidence as to the completeness , accuracy or existence of any advertising , products or other materials available on such websites or resources.


XIII. OPESCOM liability

  • For its originality , OPESCOM constantly innovating to provide its users with the best possible service . You acknowledge and agree that the form and nature of the services provided by OPESCOM are subject to change without notice
  • You may stop using the Services at any time . If you stop using the Services, you do not have to inform OPESCOM
  • The registration form is submitted to the OPESCOM discretion alone can validate the registration and appoint that person as RI
  • You agree to have the commission sought after verification and acceptance of OPESCOM , the response can take up to one month from the date of acceptance of OPESCOM
  • Examples of partners should not be read as guarantees
  • OPESCOM has the responsibility to account activation time max to three days from the date of payment of registration fees and site services , paid to the company's headquarters or through financial institutions ( By bank , money order ... )
  • OPESCOM has the responsibility to immediate account activation if the payment of registration fees and site services are performed by the OPESCOM key


XIV . profit

  • No warranty or promise from OPESCOM the level of success you will achieve . Your results may vary and will be based on your ability and business experience , we reaffirm that the success of each individual depends on his will to succeed and motivation .
  • You agree that our company is not responsible for the success or failure of your business, or for any actions and / or conduct that is directly or indirectly related to the activity and / or purchase and our use of information of products and / or services .


XV . General legal conditions

  • Management of the site meets the Tunisian legislation. In case of dispute only the Tunisian courts have jurisdiction
  • A draft law on electronic commerce in Tunisia
  • Law No. 2000-83 of 9 August 2000 relating to trade and electronic commerce (Official Bulletin No. 64 of August 11, 2000 )
  • If a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of this Agreement is invalid , that provision will be removed from the contract without any further provision being affected. Other provisions shall remain in full force
  • Any use of this website on the internet is subject to the internal laws of the Republic of Tunisia
  • Any breach by the RI, or violation of the site by third parties may generate their court and the payment of expenses of lawyers and all other expenses that may occur prosecution.


XVI . Behavior of the Independent Representative

1 . Relationship with customers

It is preferred that RI:

  • Is based on personal intelligence to give correct information to the client
  • Respect the privacy of individuals .

2 . Conduct an Independent Representative at OPESCOM

RI ensures compliance with items listed below:

  • Ensure that the RI of the group are regularly informed about the laws and all the information can be used for the proper functioning of its network
  • Keep the secret and do not use too much information that could prejudice the affairs of another RI
  • Explain all details and complete prospect in his presence the registration forms so that the prospect understands that he was personally greeted by the sponsor or by the RI reference
  • Make bravery to help others RI in all their endeavors.


XVII. Explanation of terms

  • The RI should generally refer to the OPESCOM system and comply with the Plan
  • An IR presenting the Plan provides correct information follows :
    • Explain clearly the prospect during his presentation of the OPESCOM opportunity conditions it receives no financial reward requirement
    • Do not cheat by giving incorrect misconceptions about the products and their features, their market values ​​or their benefits and information.


XVIII. Obligation of an Independent Representative OPESCOM

An IR must not:

  • Use change or confidential information of individuals for reasons not permitted
  • Practicing poaching , encourage or induce others to practice poaching
  • Encourage another RI to change its network of sponsorship
  • Discuss the financial aspects of other RI

RI must:

  • Be aware qu'OPESCOM is an opportunity to network marketing and its revenues depend on qualities of its RI and their personal efforts
  • Do not attract referrals outside its sponsorship network and push them to join his band
  • Practice and improve the most of all his abilities to help his downline network
  • Submit only realistic revenue estimates indicating the need for the appropriate effort
  • Expose plan accurately and honestly , clearly describing the level of effort it requires to succeed
  • Answer questions honestly and justly leads
  • Comply with all rules and procedures that affect the proper functioning of the OPESCOM activity.


XIX. Registration and Privacy

OPESCOM Sarl and as part of its activities, undertakes in this contract formally respect the confidentiality of personal data supplied by its customers during registration and creation of accounts on the official site except where permitted by law.

This confidentiality obligation also extends over the protection of IP addresses collected by OPESCOM in the use of its services except as permitted by law.

Access to personal information is restricted to employees, subcontractors and agents OPESCOM who require access in connection with the operation , testing, development and / or improve our services. All these persons are subject to confidentiality obligations and may be subject to disciplinary action up to dismissal , without prejudice to the prosecution in the event of breach of any of these obligations.

OPESCOM implements all the necessary security measures to prevent unauthorized access and modification, unauthorized disclosure or destruction of data. These measures include internal reviews of our data collection, storage and processing of data , as well as physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access to systems where we store personal data access .

OPESCOM fully reserves the right to use IP addresses and all data it deems necessary to identify users who violate this contract and / or cause injury to OPESCOM , in these cases , we may share your data connection to the competent authorities .

OPESCOM fully reserves the right to disclose your personal information, without notice , only if required to do so by law and in all cases authorized by law or if such action appears necessary in good faith :

  • To serve you
  • For your heirs, to act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users or the public OPESCOM
  • To comply with ordinances or a judicial act on OPESCOM or website
  • To protect and defend the rights or property of OPESCOM.


XX. litigation

In case of dispute on the interpretation, performance or validity of these conditions, the courts will have exclusive jurisdiction in Tunis.






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